Prophetic Word

God is Opening a Fresh New Door for you

The Lord says, all those who are going through discouragements there is a fresh encouragement coming upon your life. There is going to be a fresh new door that is going to be opened up. The Lord is really bringing forth the wine grain and oil, everything fresh for you. It will be like the manna that was so fresh every day, they ate the manna in wilderness and it is was so amazing, it strengthened and energized them to move forward. Right now the lord is giving you a fresh health restoration.

The Lord is telling that my son, my daughter new spiritual gifts are going to manifest and operate through your life, new mantles are coming up on you. The Lord says, nothing can stop my plans and purpose in your life, i will prosper you says the Lord. Forget the former things do not dwell in the past see i am doing a new thing now it springs up do you not pursue it i'm making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:18 The Lord is going to completely turn around all the wasteland into fresh streams.

The Lord will prosper you in the name of Jesus, a fresh thing is birthing in your life.The Lord will make a way for you, every day morning my faithfulness is new, my grace is new, my anointing is new over your life says the Lord. You will see fruitfulness and overflow, the Lord is blessing the work of your hands and also you're going to see a fresh new start. The Lord is resolving all the disputes and He is going to bring forth the celebration moment in your life for His glory! Hallelujah! Even before you are formed in your mother's womb, my eyes has seen you, I called you, anointed you and appointed you. I embraced you with My love, I cherish you, I nourished you like a nursing mother, I bring comfort and your life is going to thrive in my bosom.

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