Prophetic Word

This happened in 49 AD and its happening now



God showed me a vision of Sword given in the hands of church to cut off the python spirit into pieces. In 49 AD, Paul was in Philippi and he encountered the Spirit of Divination. (Refer Acts 16:16) Paul casted out this spirit that was operated against him. In Greek, this Divination Spirit means Spirit of Python. Python don’t have venom, but it squeezes the life out by choking. It removes the breath from its prey and squeezes the life to death. It breaks the bones and stops the blood flow. If a person believes in a false prophecy then it activates Python Spirit over their life.


False prophecy such as God will give sickness, God will cause this to fail, God will cause loss in business, God will take away my child, God will bring poverty, God will cause accident, God will hurt, kill me. These are all false prophecy or negative thoughts that comes from a python spirit. This needs to be cut off with the Sword of the Spirit. If not, over a period of time these will manifest as you believe in the false prophecy spoken through false prophets or through your own thoughts that did not come from God.


Watch what kind of spirit that a prophecy is coming, some may be accurate in prophecy to gain your trust initially, finally they release a negative prophecy to control and manipulate you. Python spirit is a manipulating psychic spirit, it mimics and mock the true anointing, its a familiar spirit, it's an old serpent in disguise, oracle to predict and ends up causing great destruction. The main goal is to stop you from advancing in the Kingdom of God and stops the flow of God's anointing over your life. Delilah operated in Python spirit towards Samson, to flatter and then finally end up in destroying the anointing that the Lord has placed upon samson, it's a slow fade and happens over the period of time.


Python spirit comes in the form of flattery at first, gains your trust and confidence then it releases the agenda of hell to cause deception and destruction in church and among people. Today, nations are being gripped by this python spirit where people are being deceived and squeezed. But, there is hope is Christ Jesus.


The Good News is that our Lord Jesus defeated this python spirit on the cross. Also, He gave you the Sword of the spirit to confront and shake off this old serpent by the power of God. Nothing can stop you from progressing in the Move of GOD. Today, God is calling you to identify and cut off every python spirit attacks over your life and over your loved ones. God bless you abundantly! Watch the full video below and be blessed! Share with others!