Prophetic Word

Embrace the Extraordinary Miracles Awaiting You

Remembering the Promises Over Your Life

Today, the Lord declares, "My son, my daughter, I remember you. I remember the promises and prophecies that have been spoken over you." Just as God remembered Noah, He is now ready to remember you and uphold you with His righteous right hand. Greater wonders and extraordinary miracles are about to unfold in your life, and nothing will stop the plan and purpose of God for you.


Entering a New Season of Flourishing

Get ready, for you are about to enter a new season. The Lord says, "You will be flourished with joy, overwhelmed with hope, and abundant in all things." If God is for you, who can be against you? No more disputes or spirits of robbery will hinder your life, your possessions, or your belongings. The Lord will cancel every dispute and bring forth a spirit of freedom, leading to a seven-fold restoration.


The Powerful Season of Restoration

Just as God blessed Isaac with a hundredfold harvest, even when his wells were stolen, the Lord wants to recompense, vindicate, establish, and flourish you. He is asking you to have big faith, and you will see a powerful deposit of His glory and destiny manifested in your life.


Provision, Settlements, and Divine Wealth Transfer

In the areas where you have been struggling for resources, the Lord says, "I will provide for you. I will supply all your needs according to My riches and glory in My Son, Jesus' name." This is the season where the name of the Lord Jesus will be glorified, and marvelous wonders will happen.


The Presence of God Going Before You

The Lord declares, "I will go with you, and My presence will go before you. I, the Lord, will start something new and marvelous in your life." Greater deliverances are coming, and the Lord is breaking the power of the python spirit and other oppressive forces that have been hindering you.


Receiving the Soaring Anointing

The Lord is releasing a soaring anointing, an anointing to move forward and press on. Nothing will hinder the plans and purposes of God in your life. All the promises are yes and amen in Christ Jesus. Even if you have faced pushback and discouragement, the Lord is renewing, rebuilding, and re-orchestrating everything. You are about to experience a powerful reversal and settlement.


Stepping into the New Territory

The Lord says, "You are unstoppable, unbeatable, unbreakable, and unshakeable. You are about to step into new territory, a new zone, and a new anointing. A new season is coming, and you will encounter the mighty, miraculous power of God."


Embracing the Supernatural Deposit

Get ready for the deposit of heaven's dew, the manna that comes from the throne room of God. He will supply you, provide for you, and fill your bonds with abundance and supernatural increase. The Lord is clothing you with royalty, and you will experience the spectacular fire anointing that will burn every enemy and set you free.


Liberated from Leviathan Spirits

The Lord is ripping off the scales of the leviathan spirit that has been trying to control, manipulate, and cause strife and shame in your life. He is plucking the power of Leviathan spirit and delivering you, setting you free, and bringing forth liberation and freedom.


Embracing the Supernatural Dominion

You are about to experience the supernatural divine deposit of heaven's power, heaven's anointing, heaven's dominion, and heaven's dominance through you, to you, and for you. Nothing will hinder the destiny that God has for you. The Lord loves you so much, and He cares for you.