Prophetic Word

45 Declarations over 45

  1. I Declare that GOD’s MANDATE upon 45 be activated and be fulfilled in JESUS Name!
  2. I Declare everything that was stolen in 2020 be reversed!
  3. I Declare Justice to Prevail!
  4. I Declare complete restoration of 45!
  5. I Declare every delay and unbelief be cancelled!
  6. I Declare 45 to come back to his rightful position!
  7. I Declare all the corruption be exposed and removed!
  8. I Declare every Media that is blocking and hindering the way be removed!
  9. I Declare every Pharaoh and his army will fall in JESUS Name.
  10. I Declare every hindrance or block to be removed for 45 to come back to office.
  11. I Declare no weapon formed against 45 will prosper.
  12. I Declare let the enemies repent and surrender themselves to God
  13. I Declare that abusing power will be exposed and Rightful ones will take their POSITION.
  14. I Declare, let every unbelief be replaced with ferocious and stubborn faith.
  15. I Declare, Ultimate Victory and Ultimate Freedom to Reign.
  16. I Declare, every darkness and evil practices come to an end and the Light of Christ shine.
  17. I Declare, every traitors in the midst be exposed and expelled.
  18. I Declare, every riots on the streets that enemy has planned will be stopped.
  19. I Declare, only sincere and true people to surround 45. All others be removed.
  20. I Declare, let 45 make a big move according to what God is telling him to do.
  21. I Declare, let 45 hear the voice of God for himself in addition to what the Prophets are speaking over him.
  22. I Declare, Peace, Boldness and Confidence to come upon 45, his family and his administration team.
  23. I Declare and bind every demonic spirits and confusing spirits.
  24. I Declare, Protection and Covering over 45, his team and all of their families.
  25. I Declare, every harassment, lies and distraction from media against 45 and his family must end in JESUS Name.
  26. I Declare, every witchcraft assigned against him or his family be removed in JESUS Name.
  27. I Declare, let 45 continue to be a wall from God between God’s people and the evil ones.
  28. I Declare, let Supreme Court take up the cases filed by 45 and serve justice.
  29. I Declare, let David mantle and God’s assignments continue to operate through 45.
  30. I Declare, every voices that are not from God be silenced in JESUS Name.
  31. I Declare, every ungodly counsellors and ungodly advisors be totally removed in JESUS Name.
  32. I Declare, everyone who are upset about 45 coming back be removed from his party.
  33. I Declare, every betrayal spirit that is operating around 45 be removed.
  34. I Declare, there will be restoration of joy and celebration on the streets as 45 comes back.
  35. I Declare, let the enemy fall into their own nets, let righteous arise .
  36. I Declare, the spirit of Goliath spirit that is intimidating 45 be defeated in JESUS Name.
  37. I Declare, every Jezebel spirit, Pharaoh spirit, monitoring spirit and Python spirit against 45 be removed in JESUS Name.
  38. I Declare, every dark secrets from Nov 2020 be revealed and exposed in JESUS Name.
  39. I Declare, let the turtle season of slowness rapidly change into the Eagle season of soaring high.
  40. I Declare, every audits to accompany with actions to be taken and let there be reversal.
  41. I Declare, even Military, Media and Big Tech will co-operate and support for 45 to come back in JESUS Name.
  42. I Declare and decree that 45 will return suddenly.
  43. I Declare, every evil agenda from DS and DC be stopped in JESUS Name.
  44. I Declare, every voice that tells 45, “Do not listen to the Prophets this time” be silenced in JESUS Name.
  45. Let America be great again for the Glory to God! Let the light of the Lord Jesus Christ bring Revival and Glory this nation and the world.