Prophetic Word

1300 and Confirmation

How many of you know the word “Hamas” is mentioned 39 times in the Bible? In the Hebrew, “Hamas” means violence or wrongdoing.


In New York alone today, 39,000 police officers have been deployed to protect the city – this is an answer to the prayers to sound the alarm and protect the people! An ex-Hamas leader called for (October 13th) as a day of jihad, but you and me as believers of Jesus Christ called today a day of prayer!


Nine days ago on October 3rd, God gave me a prophetic dream at 3:33 A.M where I saw a sword coming against the land. God then spoke to me out of Ezekiel 33:3, “…He sees the sword coming upon the land and blows the trumpet and warns the people.” I released this message to sound the trumpet. This was specifically for America, but if you look at this verse it is speaking about the land of Israel.


Even when I was in Israel on August 22nd, I came out of the river Jordan and blew a shofar for the first time, successfully, by the power and grace and spirit of God. (Hamas claimed responsibility for two attacks on August 22nd - the same day.)

The Lord gave warning that something had been stirred up. We see now how the nation is divided, with some approving what happened in Israel and the majority standing with Israel. The Lord is protecting this nation and in the name of Jesus not even one will perish because of the Blood of Jesus!


God will fight and win this battle and be glorified. Let us lift our eyes to the Lord where our help comes from. He will not let Israel slip – He keeps watch and neither sleeps not slumbers. He will bring vindication, restoration, and recompense.

Vengeance belongs to God, and the Lord will bring amazing breakthrough. In this chaos, the Lord is with Israel, America, and the country you are reading/watching from!


You’re going to see a mighty move of God from the Northern side of Israel. This is where the enemy always comes, and where the cross of our Lord, Jesus Christ, was at Golgotha to stop the enemy spiritually and physically! Hezbollah is posted North of Israel, and a Lebanese man was arrested for making a video in support of Israel. It is unimaginable that even showing support for Israel is a crime in Lebanon!


Hezbollah has 150,000 precision missiles to destroy, but it is God who will protect the nation of Israel! It is God who can save the nation, not anything else. “Not by might or power, but by my spirit,” says the Lord. God Himself will fight the battle.  Victory is coming upon Israel like never before! Greater things are going to happen in Israel and America. What the enemy planned will be completely eradicated!


It’s very important to pray as God is going to have amazing victory for His glory!

Experts say the level of planning behind the attack isn’t possible in just a week or a month, but a year. Their original goal was to kill tens of thousands of people. 1,500 militants came and left behind 3,000 weapons, but their plan was cut short at 1,400 people because God intervened. God will bring vindication!


A few days back, Benjamin Netanyahu said openly that Israel would have peace with neighboring Palestine. Jordan and Saudi Arabia aligned to build a corridor from Asia to Europe so that trade and travel can happen. China and Iran disliked this because they don’t like peace and prosperity, or the union between Jordan and Saudi Arabia. In response, Iran made a peace talk with Saudi Arabia to join together – once again leaving Israel to stand alone.

It is prophecy that Israel will be neglected by everyone. The reason America is blessed today is because it stands with Israel.

We need to continue to pray for that unity. My prayer is for America to support Israel in my lifetime, so that the next generation comes, they will pray. This is the way we can push the plans of the enemy and agenda of the antichrist back. Many people will be saved and protected – that is why Jesus said no man knows the time. The Father hears your prayer! He’s looking for you to intercede.


I strongly believe this the reason we are fervently agreeing in faith and praying – to push back the antichrist agenda and expand and establish God’s kingdom. God will bring salvation and revival! He is always ready and willing.

The Lord is going to bring deliverance and breakthrough like never before!

No weapon formed against you shall prosper. The Lord is with you, He will fight this battle, and he’s going to bless you abundantly!


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