Prophetic Word

Powerful Restoration



The Lord is going to do mighty and marvelous miracles. Two things are going to happen:

I strongly believe that the Lord is going to establish His nation in a powerful way. On October 25, 1564 BC, Gad, the son of Jacob, was born. There are two meanings for the name Gad – good and troop. God is going to establish the troops of Israel in a powerful way! Gad was one of the twelve sons of Jacob, and thereby one of the twelve tribes, and God established Gad to be a fighter and army. This is talked about in Genesis 3:11 and 49:19.


I strongly believe that God is reminding us that He is fortifying and establishing the Israeli troops and establishing the Gad generation. God led the tribe of Gad to win the war, and one specific meaning of the Gad generation is “God will provide brave troops who will lead the children of Israel to victory in the conquest of the promised land.”


As Gad was ordained to lead Israel to victory, and October 25th marks his birth, it’s a good reminder of what God promised the Israelites – the Lord will vindicate and protect that land. (You can read more about Gad throughout the Bible, such as in Deuteronomy 33, and Numbers 1:24, 2:10-14.)


This is also the day that China and the US joined the Korean War, on North Korea and South Korea’s sides respectively, in 1950. It’s important to understand that the Lord is going to strengthen our nation powerfully.


Two days ago on the 23rd, two Syrian drones from Iran-backed terrorist organizations tried to attack our troops (currently 900 in Syria), but none were badly affected. Although it was neutralized, it’s unbelievable to see that this attack happened. We need to pray for all the American troops, and especially those in the Middle East, and plead the blood of Jesus over them. Prophesy that the Lord will do extraordinary things.


Another amazing thing happened today – 100 senators here in the United States declared that we will stand with Israel and are signing a bill that states something to the effect of “as long as the US exists, we will stand with Israel.” America supporting Israel is a very significant thing before the eyes of the Lord. This will bless Israel, America, and their people. It is going to be so powerful!

I was looking at the name Kibbutz (from Hebrew meaning “group”) when I was in Israel two months ago, and its interesting to see that the first was established more than 90 years ago. These small groups of families are joined by an interview process, and they share knowledge (for example, one may be good at English and another at Hebrew or math,) to raise kids together as a community.


The attack around Kibbutz shows that the enemy is after families who are well-settled and without self-defense, though Israel has now eased the civilian gun restrictions after the terror from Hamas. I think it should be this way from the beginning.

Someone asked one of the Japanese leaders from Pearl Harbor why they only attacked the harbor, and didn’t enter America elsewhere, and he responded that it was impossible to go into America because most civilians at that time were armed. They abandoned the idea because they thought it foolish to attack with so many households armed. We see the government is trying to take guns away, which opens doors for terrorism to easily creep in, like what has happened in Israel with the unarmed Kibbutz families.


This is the reason why so many are fighting for this freedom, as we see being armed was an essential reason for Japan abandoning a plan to invade America, and that should be the case in Israel.

Yesterday, I also shared that that a 100,000-person pro-Palestinian rally was held in London. Hundreds gathered in Chicago also, which led to the attack of a pro-Israel person. It’s unbelievable to see this happening in our country and colleges.

So, the two things today were that Gad is the good troop and the Lord is going to establish America and Israel to defend the nations and bring protection and vindication for the citizens, as well as bring back the hostages. I believe a couple of them were released – Praises and glory to God!


I’m going to pray right now:

I plead the blood of Jesus for all the hostages to come out, in Jesus’ name. Every defensive tunnel to be identified and eradicated or collapsed in the name of Jesus. Let every tunnel where the hostages are be protected and let them be released in the name of Jesus. I plead the blood of Jesus strengthen the intelligence of both America and Israel – intelligence is key. I plead the blood of Jesus for intelligence to rule and reign, may the angelic wisdom be given to the leaders and commanders of the IDF, Mossad, NSA and the FBI and CIA. I plead the blood of Jesus for intelligence to arise and angelic wisdom be given in the name of Jesus – let there be powerful victory and supernatural turn around!

The Lord will make all things work together for good – He loves you so much. Please continue to pray at 3:33 PM every day, based on Ezekiel 33:3, for the peace of Jerusalem and for America, for all the troops, and for the hostages to be released.




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