Prophetic Word

Prophetic Warning About Halloween



Satan tries to access a Christian’s life through legal grounds, and access unbeliever’s lives through legal and illegal grounds. The Lord gave this urgent prophetic warning concerning October 31st. On this day, many believers will give legal grounds for satan to come in and destroy their life.


There was a freshman in college that tried to connect with a psychic reader, who has the influence of demons. This student had problems in his studies and asked the psychic about it, receiving a word from the demonic realm. Afterward, the student became saved and born again, but continued to fail year after year, unable to progress in a particular subject. God convicted this young man and told him about the legal grounds to that specific demonic agent that counseled him in his studies – he had opened a gate allowing demons to manipulate his progress. Even as a born-again believer, he needed to renounce and close that legal ground by binding it. Once he did, he cleared everything in his fourth year with the highest grade and graduated on time.

Paul says to not give a foothold for demons to come in, but as you all know many people dress as characters for Halloween and give candy, smile, and make it seem okay. However, it’s still opening doors for the demonic, even the literal practice of knocking on doors. There are people who do things satanic in nature so that even the candy they give out casts a spell. There are demonic elements there, and that is a legal exchange.


You may be in a Christian church, or even a leader, but the moment you engage in these activities you are opening the door for demons to come and destroy things in your life – even without your knowledge. This could include family, health, finances, career, etc.


This is my conviction, and I have seen this, and God wanted me to tell people to stop participating in this from here onward. You will see a change by closing the legal ground from these pagan activities. Just as Good Friday and Easter are important to a believer in Christ, October 31st is an important date in the occult, and many Christians are voluntarily engaging in a day that is used for rituals and sacrifices.


God has a better future for you – just like the young man that was exposed to the demonic but had conviction from the Lord and cried unto the Lord and was shown where to renounce the legal grounds. You as a born-again believer are washed in the blood of Jesus and can renounce these areas!

I remember one time casting out a demon, the demon would not leave because the forefathers of the person had dedicated them to satan when they were little. I’m not saying that satan has any power over you – unless you give him legal ground, as deception is key. The enemy will tell you its okay to go through failure and sickness, but at the end of the day, it’s satan taking a stronghold in your life.


God wants you to be victorious! God wants you to rule and reign, but many are blinded to the open door on this day. Most suicides take place in November and December because this is the time that demonic doors are trying to open, but this is the time the church needs to stand up and say no – that enough is enough!

I wanted to really take a strong ground on this – it doesn’t matter how your past was, but starting today, if you will make a decision the Lord says, “I will bring forth deliverance. I will bring forth victory. I will bring forth healing in your body and finances. I’ll bring forth healing in your soul. I’ll bring forth healing in your relationship. I’ll bring forth healing in every area of your life because I am God, unlimited.”


There are some who have kept on trying for a job but did not get it; some who keep trying for a better future, or for certain things, but have continued failing – even miscarriages. God says to renounce every legal ground today. It could be from involvement with October 31st or other past exposure to the demonic realm, even worshipping another idol. Renounce it in Jesus’ name and plead the blood, that by the blood of Jesus it would be closed - “I renounce it, and it cannot stand because I belong to Jesus.”

There is power in declaration, and when you speak the Word of Life. There is power when you break it in the name of Jesus. Jesus casted out demons and was not quiet. When you speak, you will see the power of darkness broken, and any white or black magic, any psychic involvement, soul ties, etc., as you are eliminating it out of your life. That foothold is cut off, and you can move forward in the kingdom of God accelerated, empowered, victorious, and powerfully. It’s going to be so powerful!

Take a stand, and He will reward you just as He rewarded the young man with the ability to graduate. God loves you so much, it is not Him that allows evil things in your life. It’s important to step up and discern what’s happening in the spiritual realm! Once doors are closed in the spiritual realm, you can see God’s glory and anointing in the physical realm.

You are protected, and you’re going to see deliverance starting today because you made a choice!




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