Prophetic Word

Wealth Transfer For You


The Lord says, wealth of the wicked is laid up for you! God will bless you with divine wealth transfer and supernatural creative ideas and innovation to thrive, shine and multiply. Right now, as you see around you, it is the Fall season, and this is a time that you see many leaves falling. The Lord spoke to me clearly today that the enemies of Israel will fall in this season.


You will see the plans of the wicked completely uprooted and eradicated! The Lord will vindicate Israel and defeat the enemies of America – especially those who are plotting against innocent civilians. God is going to bring forth supernatural covering and establishment! This is the time that the ring of God’s fire is surrounding the nations like never before, especially you who believe in Jesus – you are going to see the fire of God is surrounding you and protecting you. You do not have to worry or be in fear!


Recently, I released the Psalm 91 (link below) as a declaration as God led me. It is a passage of protection, and I encourage you to listen to it daily. This is a powerful season of abiding under God’s protection, grace, providence, and His presence.


Two years back, God told me to sell all crypto currency and I released a video about it right after I did it. It was not financial advice, just a prophetic word, but many did join me in doing the same as God led them to do so.  When the crypto market crashed, many asked if I knew that it was going to spiral downward, which is what happened shortly after sharing what the Lord instructed me to do.


In the last few days, Bitcoin has increased $10,000 in value, and a while back the Lord told me that there will be a time and season that Bitcoin will exceed $1 million. This is not something for today or tomorrow, but likely 5-10 years from now – we will need to wait and see – but it is going to cross $1 million at some point. The reason it is increasing is because hundreds of major companies, like Apple, are or are planning to invest even 2% of their money into Bitcoin (which could mean as much as $2 billion) and the more that is invested, the more the more its value increases. When people withdraw, it decreases.


So, this was something I observed prophetically, as I shared that Bitcoin was going to go very low and it did, I think there will be a time in the future that it will skyrocket. The Lord told me that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous.


Again, you need to pray and do what God tells you to do and take actions accordingly. The crypto market is not currently stable, and things are able to change very quickly, so it’s good to be very alert and cautious. There is opportunity to take the wealth of the wicked, and balance, but it requires you to be diligent in prayer.

In the beginning of this year, I also released a prophetic word that real estate is going to increase greatly, and we see that happening now. Many big companies are buying mass amounts of land; Amazon purchased 432,000 acres of agricultural land, Microsoft’s founder purchased thousands of acres, and Blackrock has purchased housing markets. In Georgia alone, around 34% of the housing market is owned by Blackrock. So, real estate may be one investment area to consider.


These are all the wisdoms and prophetic words or unctions that I received and wanted to share with you. You need to pray about these things and do only what God tells you to do – don’t do anything based on what you are hearing here. It’s important to have a personal connection with God and do as He instructs, and it will bring powerful blessings and supernatural breakthrough!


The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous, and greater things are yet to come! The Lord will bring forth a powerful financial breakthrough and every crisis that you are going through will be settled. The Lord will deliver you from every form of debt and bring forth supernatural provision. Multiple streams of income will come upon you, and the Lord says, “I give power to produce wealth.” This is scriptural. The Lord says, “I will establish you, strengthen you, nourish you, empower you, embolden you, and bless you to be a blessing.” You will not be ordinary, but extraordinary! Some of you are not able to meet your daily needs, but the Lord says, “I will meet all your needs according to my riches in glory.” You will see supernatural abundance and favor! You will be well-settled in the house of the Lord.


A couple of years back, I prophesied to someone that the Lord showed me them getting a new house. Even though they already had a home in California, they took this word seriously and prayed about it. Two years later, I received an e-mail that they were able to purchase an investment property in Georgia, and the word God spoke over them prospered!


To someone else, the Lord showed me a kidney-shape entering their body and I released this over them not knowing that they were going through kidney failure. A year and a half later, this person received a kidney transplant and is recovering! God is removing every complication and issue in your life. You may have issues in your health, but the Lord is healing you right now! Supernatural turnaround is coming, and powerful things are happening.


Greater things are yet to come – God loves you so much!


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