Prophetic Word

Prophetic Word Over Israel

The Lord told me, “I will fight this battle for Israel. I, the Lord, will do powerful and marvelous things in the nation.”

A couple months back while I was in Israel, the Lord showed me a fight between a couple people that was purely motivated by ideologies or backgrounds. After witnessing it, I reported it to the Israeli consulate. The Lord told me to pray – it caused so much pain to see this kind of fight on the streets. 

We see now that it has clearly escalated, even to the point of war, as 5,000-7,000 rockets came from the Gaza strip territory to Israel, killing more than 100 people (the final count is not yet known.) This is such a painful situation, as thousands of Israelis are wounded and around 35 are known to be kidnapped. This is a major attack on God’s people, and this is a time where God is going to rise and shine upon the nation of Israel and Jerusalem.

Thank you Jesus for releasing your power, and your angelic assistance in this time of need. There is a greater deposit of God’s glory coming. Upon this nation, I see a bright shining light. It is almost night time in Israel, but the Lord of Israel never sleeps nor slumbers. 

I pray for the enemies to be scattered into seven different directions; let the nation be prosperous, protected, fortified, settled, empowered and secured.


The Lord says, “I will bring deliverance and settlements in the nation like never before. You will see a beautiful end to this war in a powerful and victorious way.”


The Lord will do mighty wonders in the nation, and He says to pray for peace in Israel and Jerusalem. All these patterns of the enemy must stop, in Jesus’ name. Greater revival and breakthrough will happen. The Lord wants us to stand with Israel, and pray for those that have lost their lives, their family members. We pray for those kidnapped, and for the protection of the soldiers and guards. What the enemy thought for evil, the Lord is going to turn it for good! 

A couple days back, I was speaking on Cyrus and how God used him to liberate captives from Babylon and send them back to Jerusalem. The Lord is doing something powerful in this time and season, like Cyrus, and the anointing of God is coming upon Israel. Powerful angelic assistance will be dispatched.

God is going to raise up a banner of victory! I plead the blood of Jesus upon Israel – let the borders be fortified, the Iron Dome, everything.


A few days back, I had a dream of a sword dividing America, and its important to note that they’re calling this war the sword of iron – there is spiritual significance and prophetic parallel. 

Pray for the things happening in Israel to be stopped, and the things that the enemy planned for America will be stopped in the name of Jesus. When things are shaken in Israel, there is a ripple effect that goes to many other nations, including America. I pray also for America to be blessed, the borders to be fortified, and every Jewish person living here and across the world to be protected and covered; let their eyes be enlightened to know Jesus, Yeshua.

Thank you God that you are going to reveal yourself, even to Israeli soldiers; Let them find Jesus, let there be protection, breakthrough, deliverance, and marvelous wonders happen in Israel. 

This is a prophetic word for Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel – the Lord is going to bring victory to the nation and in this war. The enemies of the nation will be completely pushed out and territories will be secured. There is going to be vindication, restoration, and breakthrough!


The Lord showed me today that during the time of David, they came and took the wives and families of both him and the warriors captive. Because David pursued God, the Lord told him to go and pursue the enemy, that he would restore everything. The same thing is happening in Israel today.

The Lord is going to bless Benjamin Netanyahu to take back everything that was lost and those that were kidnapped. 

Every nation who helps Israel in this time of crisis will be blessed. I pray that America, the UK, Australia, all of Europe, etc, to come forward and support and stand for Israel. I see that from the West to the East, there is going to be a wind that flows and brings justice, vindication, breakthrough, and deliverance. 

The Lord is going to reestablish Israel like never before; bless the nation, fortify territories, a rebuild broken walls. 

I see angels carrying the sword of the spirit – the Lord will do powerful things. Get ready for God is going to do in the next 14 days. I see the number 14 – that’s 2 weeks from now. You will see things come to close in a victorious way, especially in the way of a major assignment that the Lord has prepared to bring justice.

It’s going to be a unique and important time in the history of Israel!

The Lord is going to restore everything that you’ve lost in your life double fold. Like Job, the Lord will restore everything in a powerful way, and nothing can stop or hinder you. Some of you have lost important and precious things, and some of you are waiting for something to rekindle or recur in your life. Get ready to see a mighty acceleration; a prophetic anointing is coming upon you.


I see the Lord is crushing the head of the serpent in the Middle East. The battle is already won! The Lord is going to establish victory in the natural realm - as it is in Heaven, so be it on the Earth.

Wherever you are, the wisdom of God, His glory, and settlements are coming upon you. God will fill each one of you in an unimaginable way. Like Cyrus, the Lord is going to bring forth amazing deliverance. 

Look for the next 14 days – you’re going to see powerful establishments in Jesus’ name!