Prophetic Word

It is Time to Dethrone Jezebel

The Lord told me that you are going to see mighty shaking and revival in the nation like never before! It has already begun - every hidden truth is going to be exposed in the name of Jesus. Justice will be sown, and vindication for the nation and his prophets will be given! The Lord says the time has come! “I, the Lord, will cut off every thorn and thistle; every unwanted wicked plan of the enemy. I will begin an amazing awakening moment in the nation like never before.”


The nation will see revival! People will wake up to reality and they will speak. As they speak, they will prophesy; as they prophesy it will happen! God wants the Ezekiels to arise in this time – He is calling each of you to prophesy what needs to happen.

We know it has been a dry season, there has been sadness and sorrow and unacceptable things happening; however, call upon the name of the Lord! You will speak and see giants fall and the wickedness of the enemy eradicated! Every stronghold will come down.

A Jezebel spirit has tried to control the nation but the Lord says this is the time to dethrone this spirit and the power of the wicked king Ahab.


“I, the Lord, will bring forth the powerful reversal in the nation like never before.”

The Lord is uprooting the deep roots of evil, His equipment is at work! The roots will not just be cut off, but pulled out and thrown into the fire! It is possible when you, as the church, prophesy!

The Lord says this is the season of change, revival, awakening, quickening, and amazing breakthrough!

God is releasing his angelic assistance. You are going to see the borders fortified; The Lord told me all four directions – east, west, north and south.


The harvest of God’s kingdom glory and salvation will begin, and in all four directions, revival!

“In a time where there has been scarcity and lack, in the midst of inflation and collapse, I, the Lord, will bless my church and the prophetic people; as they prophesy, they will be the hope in hopelessness, they will be light in darkness and the truth of God in the midst of lies.”

Get ready! What God is going to do will be extraordinary!

“I, the Lord, will bless you abundantly.” You won’t depend on the world’s systems but on God’s economy.

You will operate according to kingdom principles. You are going to prosper, shine and multiply! You are going to show and lead the way! The Lord is releasing an Issachar anointing – you’re not going to fall back, you’re not going to slow down or give up hope for the nation!

The Lord wants to bring powerful deliverance – if you agree stand firm in the Lord! The Lord wants to empower and embolden you and quicken you!


The nation will be revitalized, just as it was in 1776 with the freedom and breakthrough of the constitution. The Lord is bringing reversal and transformation for the Glory of God! Powerful days are ahead of us, and it is going to be victorious. God will do it; all you have to do is stay firm in faith and fix your eyes on Jesus!

The Lord is going to release his powerful protection, grace, multiplication and favor. The nation will be spared and re-established and the roots will be replaced.

The Lord is re-establishing the prophetic generation; once again youth will fill the church! Good will come out of America, out of Israel, and out of your nation!


Greater things are yet to come!