Prophetic Word

God Will Turn It For Good


Today the Lord spoke to me very clearly: “What the enemy meant for evil, I, the Lord, will turn it for good in the nation.”


God told me to rekindle his people to pray for the nation and America specifically. Last night, the Lord gave me a very powerful revelation in a dream and said that whatever the enemy has planned against your life or against the nation, the plan of God will completely eradicate it. (I gave the dream in a message last night that I will link at the bottom.)


God will never be silent when His people come to him and pray. The Lord says, “My angels are already dispatched.” God’s army is unknown to the enemy, but you and I having the anointing this year can see the unseen! We can see what the Lord has released in the nation and what He has done in Washington DC, New York, California, Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Georgia.

The Lord is raising up prophetic warriors who will pray and intercede from these places! God is going to do powerful things in the Midwest, East Coast, West Coast, North and South!


How many of you are continuing in 777 prayers? If you don’t know, 777 is to pray for the election, the nation, God’s purpose to manifest, and President Trump for 7 minutes, 7 days a week. (Blog linked below with Declarations over Trump)

The Lord wants to do extraordinary things, but the Lord says, “This is not the time to be distracted or deviated.” God wants us to fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.


We are closing in on the finishing point – this nation will see restoration like never before in all things; your family, circumstances, city, state, neighbors, etc. The Glory of God is going to come upon the nation and things are going to be shaken!

The Lord reminded me of Haman; how he was orchestrating plans against the nation and against Esther and Mordecai. At the last second, to his surprise, the same plans he plotted came to pass in his own life and Haman was eradicated. A Haman spirit is in this nation today, subtle and in the hidden places. It is a wicked spirit with a hidden agenda moving like a snake, but the Lord says, “I the Lord will bring the Haman spirit out and expose him.” This will happen before America’s deliverance!

The Lord says as the prophetic warriors prophesy and intercede, it will be unto the nation according to their faith. The Lord says he has given you the nation in your hands, like an ambassador. Just as America sends an ambassador to every nation, you and I are Heaven’s ambassadors to America! We are called to exercise our authority and dominion and operate in the intelligence of heaven.

The Lord’s intelligence is coming upon you right now!


The King had armies, expertise, and secret service yet did not know the plans of Haman. Every plan was exposed to Esther and Mordecai because they operated in heavenly wisdom. Today, you are operating in heavenly wisdom to see and expose the hidden agendas of the enemy through prayer in the spirit.


God is dispatching warriors like you and me to stand in the gap; to pray and intercede to see the nation rebuilt, restored, prosperous, and moving into the next level of God’s power, purpose, favor, and mantel!

The Lord says He will re-establish this nation for the founding fathers who dedicated it to God. Do not fear; fear is a snare of men. God wants us to walk in boldness and authority. Exercise the rights that the Lord has given you and you will see powerful things happen like never before!


The Lord has never given up on anything, He’s always holding you. Today as you are going through crisis and challenges, the Lord says, “My power is coming upon you!” When God brings deliverance, the entire nation prospers, just as when Israel was prosperous in the time of David and Soloman. The economy was boosted so high that silver was considered as nothing!

Just as rain pours on the good and the evil, God’s rain is going to come down to flourish and flood the nation with blessings! The Lord says to buckle up, that this is the time for you to stand firm in faith and move forward. This is not the time to panic or fear! “Do not be intimidated,” says the Lord. Neither Esther nor David was intimidated!


This is the time for us to put on the full armor of God – be strong and courageous! We will have victory if we stand firm and do not give up! Esther won a victory without fighting a battle, and the Lord is going to recreate an Esther moment in America in 2024.

God is going to bring victory through Jesus, and his angelic army, by bringing truth and justice and setting the captives free! He will establish the nation powerfully!


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